ELIXI Microbrewery

Our story

In the beginning of 2014 a small adventure begun, a brand new microbrewery called ELIXI was born in the area of Chalkida. A microbrewery focused on the production of craft beer products characterized by the absence of pasteurization and filtration as well as with the use of the traditional way of fermentation inside the bottle.

A family business whose members come from completely different business backgrounds and experiences which can be shown in the diversity of the labels and brands produced.

And the adventure continues…

Our Brewery

Since the first moments of its operation has invested in the establishment of a new state of the art brewery in the area of Drosia in Chalkida. The selection of the location was based on the excellent quality of the local water as well as its geographical position near the main motorway of the country.

The premises cover an area of 1000m2   and house cutting edge equipment for the production, bottling and storage of products.

Our Vision

Consistency and quality.

The top priority of the company is to guarantee consistent quality during all stages of production and bottling until the final product reaches the consumer.

Promotion of Hellenism.

The choice of Greek names, symbols and concepts is among the successful recipe of ELIXI products and it aims at promoting the Greek element.

Respect to the consumer,
the society and the environment.

ELIXI aims at becoming an informed consumer’s choice, while giving back to the community and showing respect to the environment.